We manufacture umbrellas

Acacia Umbrellas is an established & specialised manufacturer with both local & international markets

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Acacia Umbrellas manufacture and provide an array of umbrellas & accessories.

With our state of the art and high end production capability we have become the new pioneers of branded umbrellas.

About our product

Acacia Umbrellas are renowned for their user-friendly design, unique winch system, quick setup, auto-locking system, unparalleled fabric attachment system and their customer friendly backup repair service.

The Acacia Umbrellas are built from aluminium or pultruded fibreglass which endorses their light weight, durability, flexibility & long product life characteristics.

We offer our covers in both vinyl & fabric, with options of screen-prints & UV resistant digital printing and we give our customers the freedom to create & customize their own branded umbrellas/parasols.